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Columbia Basin Exteriors is the premiere roofing contractors existing in the inter-mountain west. Put your faith in our reliable residential and commercial roofing work. We take pride in our quality, efficiency and clean up.  Family owned an operated by Chad, Jared and Troy Romney. They've combined their extensive construction knowledge with the ability to innovate in order to serve their customers better and faster results than competitors. 

High expectations

Our hardworking staff will exceed your expectations. We employ smart planning techniques in order to install quality and durable roofs. All of our crew members (6 to 8 workers) are experienced and take pride in their work.  Our project managers are well trained, professional, and eager to help whenever possible. We will spend as long as it takes to make you feel comfortable and confident.

Tips from the one and only roofing contractor.

Insurance claims can be difficult and time consuming. Our staff is trained specifically to complete insurance projects in a timely manner:

  • STORM DAMAGE CAN BE HIDDEN- Storm damage can rarely be seen from the ground. It is vital to have a trained professional inspect your roof closely to look for signs of trouble.
  • INSURANCE KNOWLEDGE- We have experience dealing with thousands of insurance claims. We can meet your insurance adjuster at your home to make sure all damage is documented and covered. After which we will work with your insurance provider to work out any necessary details.
  • REPAIR PROCESS- We will make your project go smooth. You pick colors and products and we will take care of the rest.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Columbia Basin Exteriors only uses high quality roofing and exterior products. We are licensed and insured and have all the experience necessary to leave you satisfied. You can expect us to service your house with larger than normal crews. Often times we can re-roof your house in 1 day


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We will be there as soon as you need us to be for your Free inspection.

roofing contractors alpine
roofing contractors alpine